Client: Personal Exhibition


Artist: Rose Pilkington
Location: Jaguar Shoes

A site specific exhibition that ran at Dreambags Jaguar Shoes from 8th Apr – 30th June 16


Loosley based on a psychedelic technique devised by experimental film maker Cecil Stokes in the 1940’s, who created a series of abstract 16mm films that were used as visual therapy in the treatment of patients that served in the war. He named these films the Auroratone. The films consisted of abstract visuals, often time-lapse photography of vivid and almost fluroescent crystalline growth filmed under polarised light, accompanied by slow and melancholic music. The films although experimental, proved that mere colour and sound had the power to alter or temporarily improve the mind grames of the amotionally scarred patients.


Creating these abstracted cavernous landscapes with colourful curves and soft shapes, I wanted to assault the senses of the viewer, impacting their eyes with colour and form, provoking them to feel stimulated by the colour surrounding them. By forcing colour to the forefront of our consciousness, some connection to it becomes apparent and a response is evoked that infiltrates the emotions.