Client: Hospital Rooms

The Junipers PICU

I was one of 6 artists working with Hospital Rooms, a charity that put art into Mental Health Units around the UK.


The De-Escalation room, sometimes known as the Quiet Room, is a place where patients are taken to be calmed in moments of crisis. It can be an upsetting space, sometimes where they will revisit what has happened to find themselves there.
The design of the space was made with colour choice being of up most importance. Gentle, soft gradients of colour were hand-painted directly onto the walls, layer by layer, bringing to mind the hues of a sunset. We were informed that this room may also eventually be used as a Sensory space, so the 4 walls were designed with the subtle two tones of colour to give almost an impression actual light hitting the wall.
The Colourscapes were based around the Human Aura, the energy field which emits a coloured enimation surrounding the body. I truly believe that certain colours have the power to soothe, so I hope that this room in any way might positively impact patients (and staff) in moments of stress.
It was beyond rewarding hearing the enthusiasm from nurses and patients, and their openness in response to the artworks. Being given the opportunity to inject colour into these spaces for the benefit of mental health is a feeling I can’t quite describe.